2020-12-03 By Celia @ MWYW SELECT

Discover more about CORDURA ®

Nowadays, with the extremely utilised function, CORDURA ® has been applying to various products. Including MWYW Urban Collection.

Brief History of CORDURA ®

Cordura fabric is a premium textile which developed over 70 years. Created by DuPont originally, DuPont originally introduced the fabric as a type of viscose. However, its biggest use in World War II was for the material of tire. 

In 1966, Cordura became the new member of nylon family after the new formulations developed the superior feature of the fabric. One of the biggest innovation of the fabric, it is that the researcher and manufacturers learned how to dye it in 1977, and new products created following the advancement of the dying techniques. Eventually, it opened the wide door of the commercial value of the fabric.

By 1979, Soft-sided cordura luggage bags are launched by several brands, and the products held over 40% of the bag market. Until today, cordura is still a popular fabric for designers and brands.

As the fabric’s versatility has proven after the long development, it leads more functional clothing created, for example, motorbike jacket and trousers for its high abrasion resistance 

Why MWYW chooses CORDURA ® ?

The features of the fabric are anti-tearing, hard wearing and water resistant. The Urban Collection is designed not only for daily usage but also for travelling. The fabric can easily handle rain and snow and protect the items in the backpack. 

MWYW wants you explore the world without worrying damaging anything inside the backpacks, and we want to bring you a fine, durable product that can remain in great conditions for years.

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